Yoga classes

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Weekly Classes - Each class can be a combination of asana (postures), pranayama (breathing practices), sound exploration, relaxation and contemplation.  All are invited into the safe & welcoming online community. We all start this journey at different times in our lives, with different needs, skills, capacity and experience, the practices are adapted to safely enhance your physical, emotional and spiritual unfolding.  Over time a regular yoga practice will help you build resilience to meet and flow with the twists and turns that life brings, allowing a new sense of vitality to emerge in your daily life.  The body will become more vibrant and alive, allowing old aches, pains and old injuries to gradually be eased.  You will start to intuitively know what the body's needs are as you move through different stages in your life, intelligently adapting the practice to suit. The more your attention turns inwards you will start to tune into your innate understanding of the body mind connection, increasing your self awareness, a deep sense of contentment will be the ground from where life will flow. Through the practice of self inquiry you will start to experience freedom from mind created suffering, recognising and then being free from limiting patterns of behaviour, allowing your innate wisdom to be revealed.  

I am Trauma aware and have completed 6 Trauma awareness study days with Tanya Syed plus online Trauma informed courses with Thomas Hubl

Online Retreats

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The online silent retreats are transformational weekends, giving you the space and time to dive deep within to unveil the state of yoga.  We will journey into the space of Self discovery via an intuitively intelligent blend of asana (postures), pranayama (breathing practices), sound exploration, restorative bolster time, mantra, relaxation and contemplation/meditation.  Time will be allocated throughout the weekend for satsang, questions and sharing. The practices are shared via a non dual understanding and draw from Hatha, Classical and Tantrik yoga.  You will be held in a safe space for you to delve deep within to discover your natural state of being, re emerging from the depths of your inner most self feeling lighter, seeing the world in a new way and with increased resilience to flow with the meandering rivers of life.

I am Trauma aware and have completed 6 Trauma awareness study days plus online Trauma informed courses. 

What students have to say...

"Thankyou Michele for an amazing space created on the zoom retreat. Who would have thought such wonderful energy and sharing can still occur so seamlessly and beautifully over the internet. I loved it, and will be back to attend the next online retreat. I highly recommend anyone who is unsure of attending an online yoga retreat to do so with Michele who has the talent to offer clear instruction over a new medium for yoga practice, be present with us all and provide a safe space for whatever needs to unfold. It really is nourishment for the soul and who doesn't benefit from some good wholesome nourishment? Joanne "

"The weekend retreat was most beautiful, a coming together with other Yogis, for an immersion in Yoga and the inner goddess. My experience was very deep and heartfelt, sensing the moving Prana and feeling the power of the divine. The schedule and contemplation time was well balanced, and there was no distance with the group, the space was sacred and alive.......Michele, you are an amazing teacher who holds a loving space for others to dive deep, offering guidance and pointers throughout. Felt very rested, grounded and alive, in awe of the magnificence of the divine in all its forms.

 What a joy to be alive ♥️♥️♥️

A heart felt thank you for the light that you are Michele , feel blessed you are in my life 🙏🏽❤️" - Lisa Carr

"This was my first online retreat with Michele, and I am looking forward to the next one. I felt extremely connected to other people in our group which was my initial concern for an online retreat as I have thoroughly enjoyed previous retreats in Elan Valley with my lovely yoga community, but this did not make a difference as the whole weekend felt very intimate. Always in good hands with Michele and you are fully supported throughout. There is always an opportunity to share feelings or concerns you may have at any point during the retreat and this I feel play a fundamental role in how the weekend unfolds. As disappointed as I was not to be going to Elan I was so grateful to have experienced this online retreat and felt Michele delivered exactly what was needed during these uncertain times we find ourselves in." - Kate Thomas

Meditation classes

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Meditation classes, 1 - 2 - 1 tuition and audio recordings - The Meditation sessions are inspired by direct experience and include non-dual pointers, pranayama, Tantrik practices, somatic practices, self inquiry, mantra and sound practices. The sessions are intuitively and organically designed for the state of yoga to be revealed. 

Why meditate -

For you to start to experience freedom from the belief in your conditioning and thought patterns.

Overtime old patterns of behaviour will start to very organically be seen and fall away.

In recognising the natural state of being a new resilience will emerge which helps you to meet the challenges of life as they arise so you will be less inclined to try to push away difficult situations and try to hang onto 'the good times'!  

To feel more alive and to experience life through fresh eyes.

For the joy of discovering the unfathomableness of the wholeness of the Self.  

1-2-1 Yoga sessions

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121 Tuition - The practice is individually & sensitively designed to invite the state of yoga to blossom, it is a very enriching unfolding for the practitioner as their needs are solely catered for. There is a trust that organically develops that allows each person to relax into the practice very smoothly, knowing that they are being kept safe, knowing & feeling how the body, emotions & spirit are responding to the focused attention of the practice and feeling the fruits of the practice themselves. I draw from traditional  hatha yoga practices, yoga therapy/restorative work to help in recovery from illness or injury, from my 23 years of being a Holistic practitioner, non-dual pointers and in the last few years inspiration from Tantrik Saivism. I am able to share practices suitable for beginners through to those who wish to take a plunge and delve deeper into the vastness of yoga.

I am Trauma aware and have completed 6 Trauma awareness study days with Tanya Syed plus online Trauma informed courses with Thomas Hubl.

What students have to say...

"I've been having one to one yoga sessions with Michele regularly over the last year and feel I have benefitted enormously. I have been practising a little yoga on and off (more off!) for the last 30 years but was aware that I didn't have a firm grasp of some of the fundamentals of the practice in terms of breathing/pranayama, ensuring a strong core/bandhas and sequencing of postures/asanas. I was also concerned that in my mid 40s (with hypermobile joints) I was more at risk of injury if I didn't go into and hold postures correctly.

I initially approached the sessions with some trepidation however I soon came to look forward to and appreciate them hugely. Michele is a gifted teacher, she gauges what would be most beneficial for my practice session by session, sometimes an active, flowing practice, other times a more restorative session. She is incredibly encouraging and patient and fortunately has a great sense of humour which always helps!

My confidence has slowly grown over the year with her guidance despite not always practicing as much between sessions as I would ideally wish to. When I've had the opportunity to attend any of her classes or Sunday sessions I've found them really warm and welcoming. As a long time meditator I have always been interested in the philosophy and teachings underpinning yoga and Michele manages to blend this into her sessions with ease. I feel we are undertaking a journey together and I couldn't wish to have a wiser teacher leading the way." - Dr H Sparrow-Watkins

Workshops Online

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The Sunday sessions give us a longer time to enjoy a wider field of yoga in it's many aspects. The sessions will include Asana (postures), Pranayama (breathing practices), sound practices & mantra, cleansing practices, self-inquiry, meditation and relaxation. There will be a general theme to each session, with philosophical/non - dual inspiration woven into the sharing of the morning, along with allowing the organic flow of the day to be freshly revealed!  Fine tuned individual guidance will be given where appropriate throughout the Zoom session, allowing you to feel the connection of the shared practice space, our 'we space'.

Mentoring and Study

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Do you feel isolated and unsure about who to ask for advice on your yogic path or upon completing your yoga teacher training?  Do you feel unclear about the terrain that is arising in your home practice or  whilst teaching either on zoom or in the room?  If so you are not alone...

During these times of much change it is important to feel the support and connection of the yoga family, your community.  The mentoring groups will be developed for you to be able to draw from the strength & support that is available for you, giving you a stable ground from which to flourish with embodied resilience.  There will be one group running for yoga teachers and another group running for dedicated yoga practitioners.  


Aromatherapy Massage

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Aromatherapy is a holistic massage that uses natural plant extracts in the form of essential oils, with a combination of a relaxing, lymph stimulating massage to promote health and well-being. The combination of the oils and the massage aids in enhancement of both physical and emotional health, allowing you to feel revitalised and rejuvenated.


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The ancient treatment of reflexology, through the massage and stimulation of specific points on the feet, which correspond directly to particular parts of the body, promotes good health and vitality. The body's natural re balancing capabilities are activated via the massage.

Swedish Massage

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The various Swedish massage techniques are designed to improve your circulation due to increasing the oxygen flow in the blood, soothe and ease out strain in your muscles by flushing out toxins, help to keep ligaments and tendons supple and the massage reduces both emotional & physical stress helping you feel more relaxed.

Reiki - Healing

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Healing - This restorative, intuitive treatment helps to boost the energy fields that run throughout and beyond the body, aiding the body's natural abilities for self -repair and re- balancing.