1 -2 -1 Tuition - The practice is individually & sensitively designed to invite the state of yoga to blossom, it is a very enriching unfolding for the practitioner as their needs are solely catered for. There is a trust that organically develops that allows each person to relax into the practice very smoothly, knowing that they are being kept safe, knowing & feeling how the body, emotions & spirit are responding to the focused attention of the practice and feeling the fruits of the practice themselves. I draw from traditional hatha & classical yoga practices, yoga therapy/restorative work to help in recovery from illness or injury, from my 23 years of being a Holistic practitioner, non-dual pointers and in the last few years inspiration from Tantrik Saivism. I am able to share practices suitable for beginners through to those who wish to take a plunge and delve deeper into the vastness of yoga.

I am Trauma aware and have completed 7 Trauma awareness study days with Tanya Syed plus online Trauma informed courses with Thomas Hubl.

What students have to say...

"I've been having one to one yoga sessions with Michele regularly over the last year and feel I have benefitted enormously. I have been practising a little yoga on and off (more off!) for the last 30 years but was aware that I didn't have a firm grasp of some of the fundamentals of the practice in terms of breathing/pranayama, ensuring a strong core/bandhas and sequencing of postures/asanas. I was also concerned that in my mid 40s (with hypermobile joints) I was more at risk of injury if I didn't go into and hold postures correctly.

I initially approached the sessions with some trepidation however I soon came to look forward to and appreciate them hugely. Michele is a gifted teacher, she gauges what would be most beneficial for my practice session by session, sometimes an active, flowing practice, other times a more restorative session. She is incredibly encouraging and patient and fortunately has a great sense of humour which always helps!

My confidence has slowly grown over the year with her guidance despite not always practicing as much between sessions as I would ideally wish to. When I've had the opportunity to attend any of her classes or Sunday sessions I've found them really warm and welcoming. As a long time meditator I have always been interested in the philosophy and teachings underpinning yoga and Michele manages to blend this into her sessions with ease. I feel we are undertaking a journey together and I couldn't wish to have a wiser teacher leading the way." - Dr H Sparrow-Watkins

"What a teacher! Since starting 1:1 yoga sessions with Michele I have seen a new side to yoga not experienced before. The yoga I experience is at a totally different level to others before it.

I look forward to my online sessions as I feel a far deeper connection with my body and the earth when in class with Michele with the added bonus that I don't need to step into my car to drive anywhere or back, so that at the end of my session I can fully steep in the deep awakening and sense of relaxed connection I feel.

What I genuinely love about the yoga I have found with Michele is it really feels like I am supporting my body and inner me with a practice that honours the sacred in me and the journey I am going through right now in my 'Venus Return' year, which in itself is uncovering profound changes and my yoga is allowing me to gently embrace this change, and release the energy in a wholesome way.

Even though my class is online, you can really feel and sense Michele holding the space you are working your yoga in with grace and service to you and yoga practice.

You never feel rushed with Michele as she always explains what we are doing and why and makes sure that you are correct in your posture, Michele always encourages and never makes you feel like you're on the naughty step if you haven't practised as much as you could do to progress which I really love as sometimes you just need to follow your body's cue - by that I don't mean you can be lazy with your practice as Michele will call you out on that in a loving way so you're not self sabotaging, but I like that we honour the body and what it needs at the time." - Sarah Walker