2020 Class Timetable

2020 Classes  





18.30 - 19.30 -  Meditation Group - Non-Dual



10.00 - 11.30  -  Mixed ability Class



18.30 - 20.00 - mixed ability class



10.00 - 11.00

Closed group for staff at Heronsbridge School


18.30 - 20.00

suitable for those with minimum of 2 years of continual yoga practice



13.45 - 14.45

sandville centre, Bridgend multiple sclerosis society - Closed at present


No Classes Saturday


Monthly Sundays

New 2 hours 30 mins class
A morning of Asana, pranayama, self enquiry, meditation & relaxation

10.00 - 12.30


May 3rd - Live Online

June 7th - Live Online

July 5th

September 13th

October 18th

November 29th

parc slip nature reserve, tondu



Class Info

  Weekly classes at YMCA Porthcawl and at Parc Slip Nature Reserve will be changing to a block payment per month starting from January 2020,  £32 paid at the start of each month or £9.50 drop in if there is space in the class.  If you have any questions then please get in touch with Michele

Whatever your level, Michele provides options that allow you to get the most out of your time on the mat. A sense of fun runs through her teaching and I always come away from her classes with a smile on my face - Kim Gravell

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The Y Centre Porthcawl

Parc Slip Nature Reserve


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Dominique Spearey Porthcawl
I've been around the yoga block on and off for about 35 years, so have met quite a number of yoga teachers along the way. And while it is true that you can learn from every teacher, there will always be one or two with whom you feel an instant rapport, and whose teaching develops and deepens your yoga practice in a way others do not. Michele is one of those teachers. She has a thorough understanding of anatomy, physiology and breathing, explaining and breaking down postures to enable her students to understand each movement and offering modifications along the way. She is quick to adjust and encourage. But classes are not just about the physical; Michele incorporates the spiritual aspects of yoga teaching to provide students with a whole, balanced experience and is open to new approaches and methods. The workshop days, experimenting with sound input from "Slapping Skins" have been quite magical and transforming. And her classes are fun! I don't think I've ever laughed so much as in Michele's sessions. She encourages questions and discussion, so every class becomes a group of friends working together to deepen their yoga practice. A great teacher.
Ruth Bridge Newtown, Powys

Michele is a very special human soul, who is beautiful from the inside out, is never negative or judgmental and always sees the best in every one. She is fantastic teacher and her total understanding of Yoga philosophy and history coupled with a very competent knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology inspires confidence and trust in her ability. She has a phenomenal skill to read her class and adapt accordingly so all enjoy and get involved

Sally Gregory Bridgend

I have been going to yoga with Michele for over ten years now and it was probably one of the best decisions I have made. People often say to me that they're not flexible enough to do yoga but that is entirely missing the point, you do yoga in order to improve your flexibility, strength, confidence to name but a few. It is something individual to yourself and caters for all regardless of age, body size or ability. I have always been impressed by Michele's depth of knowledge and her ability to walk into a class and assess the mood and ability of everyone in it and adjust accordingly. The classes are always fun with plenty of discussion and the retreats provide an opportunity to meet up with like-minded souls in a beautiful environment. A truly inspirational teacher

Kate Thomas Kenfig Hill

I have been a student of Michele's for 2 years, during which time I have come to understand the true meaning of Yoga.  Throughout her classes there is a strong focus on bringing our attention to our awareness... a space which tends to get overlooked in our busy lifestyles.  Her classes always have a relaxed atmosphere, they are informal and friendly and students are invited to share any observations if they wish.  All abilities are catered for as we are always given variations of asanas/postures and invited to listen to see what the body is able to do at that particular moment.  There is also the opportunity to work towards more challenging postures over a couple of months by slowly building on the preparatory postures we need in order to safely move towards more challenging asanas/postures.  I have found the physical  practice of yoga offers so many benefits such as improved posture, flexibility, strength, improves confidence and mood but what makes Michele such a remarkable teacher is her clear pointing towards our natural state of being which is the true meaning of yoga and where the benefits truly are.

I have learned so much since attending Michele's classes, retreats, workshops and foundation course.  Michele has a wealth of knowledge and always gives clear and safe instruction, there are explanations and historical background given about the asanas and the benefits they each uniquely offer.  Yoga with Michele is a wonderful experience, she is very special and a much loved teacher.

Christine Jones Ystrad Rhondda

It was my previous yoga teacher that recommended Michele’s classes to me – she knew I was looking to take my practice forward.  I had already benefited from some excellent teachers but, nursing the remnants of a back injury, I was looking for the right class to help me recover fully.

On entering Michele’s class for the first time, I knew I had found it.  A little nervous because I didn’t know anyone, I was warmly welcomed by Michele and the group – and the yoga was fantastic, just what I had been looking for!  A blend of slow, meditative introspection and breath work combined with stronger, more challenging poses.  I’ve been a regular since then, and completed a Foundation course, workshops and I’m now part of the meditation group.  Michele’s yoga continues to develop and so my practice does too, and I’m happy to say there is little trace of the back injury any more.

We all love Michele’s classes so much, they are full of wisdom, laughter and happiness – you shake off the day as you enter the room and waft home on a cloud of contentment.  Her teaching is sensitive, intuitive, inspiring and always from the heart, and I love the way she tailors her teaching to suit the needs of each group.  So, if you are thinking of trying yoga for the first time, I highly recommend Michele – you will be in the best hands, she is the best teacher I’ve ever had.

Nikki Batten Porthcawl

When I first attended Michele's yoga class I had a sense of being welcomed into a safe place.  Michele has a warm and honest approach to life and the practice of yoga.  Her extensive knowledge and experience combined with a playful sense of humour make for a great atmosphere for learning.  I find Michele to be vigilant to the safety of myself and others during class whilst all along encouraging us to trust our 'inner teacher' and not to judge ourselves harshly.

Michele's deep understanding of yoga as a spiritual practice is what keeps me returning to her classes although her approach is subtle and only there if you are looking for it.  For me the classes have been an anchor through some rocky times and health issues, along with the foundation course they have enabled me to develop a home practice of asanas/postures and meditation.

Marilyn Chamberlain Tonyrefail

I was looking for a yoga class that was not an exercise class and a friend introduced me to Michele. When I went along I felt at home straight away. Michele is a gifted yoga teacher and she provides a space for her students not only to unwind but also to explore what our bodies are capable of. The class is a totally enjoyable experience with expert guidance from the lovely Michele. I have gained and continue to gain much from yoga  and I love going to class!

Christine Porthcawl

Looking to try yoga, I discovered Michele's class from the listings pages in the Seaside News and started attending.  Solely as a physical exercise and I admit, at first I did not particularly enjoy the meditation and breathing interludes, which I found rather embarrassing and did not appreciate their importance in the practice.  Four years ago I lost my Husband and admittedly I returned to yoga looking for some 'escape' and during the 90 minute class I was able to leave my troubles at home, thanks to the meditation and breathing, which I now enjoy and enter into a state of mind that was empty of the usual stress.  Thanks to Michele, I know I can practice this at home but I prefer the support of the class.

Michele is so knowledgeable in the practice and life style of yoga, both in the physiology and meditation practice.  Her enthusiasm cannot fail to infect and rub off on her students.  The classes are friendly, casual and non judgemental, everyone's individual needs are taken into consideration.

I would recommend Michele's classes to anyone thinking of giving yoga a try, you'll be made to feel very welcome.