My love of yoga began in December 1999. I started integrating Yoga into my home practice of Chi Kung, feeling the stabilising, balancing effects it was having on me as a person and as a parent. I raised my Beautiful Daughter Chloe alone from when she was 2 years old, so it was a blessing for yoga to find me when she was five. Yoga has allowed me to embody the qualities of strength, stability and flexibility starting with the physical, flowing to the emotional, realising the spiritual, to be able to meet the joys, demands and challenges that raising a child brings. Chloe continues to be one of my most beautiful and powerful teachers!

I started attending classes with Gail Needham in 2001 and later with her partner Alan Davies. It was through the encouragement and gentle nudges of Gail & Alan that I embarked on the journey towards becoming a Yoga Teacher. I was already building up a Holistic Therapy Practice around Chloe's school times as I had previously qualified as a Masseuse, Aromatherapist, Reflexologist and energy worker, my training in these therapies started in 1997. I had no intention of becoming a yoga teacher, yoga was my own personal time for dedication to wellbeing and emotional health, but as mentioned previously, Yoga chose me!  I completed a British Wheel of Yoga Foundation Course then went on to complete the BWY Teacher training course led by Richard Adamo, I completed the course in December 2007.

I started teaching weekly classes in 2005, and upon the request of the students, teaching workshops since early 2007, retreats since March 2012 and Foundation courses since October 2012. The classes arise from a non-dual recognition with an eclectic fusion of influences from many styles/traditions of yoga, Tai Chi & Chi Kung. I teach in a fluid, light hearted manner, I use ongoing and sensitive observation and feedback which adapts to your needs, skills, capacity and experience, tailoring the practice to promote your wellbeing, physical, emotional, spiritual. The classes are a blend of postures, breathing exercises, sound practices, meditation, self enquiry & relaxation, with philosophy woven through each session. The classes are accessible to all abilities, intelligent modifications and adaptations are given when if needed, drawing on the many years of experience I have as a body worker. You will be held in a relaxed safe space for you to meet yourself and each other in all your aspects with a fresh enquiry, allowing us the space to feel the inter-connectedness of our true nature.

I am continually flowing within the practice, sometimes the path is smooth and other times it's challenging, all teaching is welcomed! I have been inspired by many great teachers in person and through the multitude of books I have read over the years. I have been studying with Sama Fabian & Tanya Syed of Aurolab Yoga since the start of 2014. Both teachers have inspired my practice in new ways. I approach the practice with a natural curiosity to discover what works for me and as a result I can then teach from experience, direct knowledge. I have been surrounded by music all my life, so it is no surprise that I have developed a love for Nada Yoga – Yoga of Sound. The weaving of Asana & sound together helps to encourage the free movement of energy around the body, tuning up the body's natural frequencies, helping the system to run in a more efficient manner and aiding in the balancing of the emotions. On occasions I collaborate with Aaron Meli of Slappingskins for Nada Yoga workshops.

I enjoy working one to one with students. The practice is developed to completely suit the students individual needs. Teaching in this manner allows the student to flourish. The sessions are supported with a home practice plan so the student can continue the practice in between sessions. Yoga is working its magic with a group I teach from Bridgend Multiple Sclerosis Society, all are benefitting physically, emotionally, spiritually from their weekly sessions. It is great to share the joy of Yoga.

I have worked with children in schools, age ranging 8-13 year olds. The children respond well to yoga and the teachers reported how much happier they were for the rest of the day. Yoga will improve their mood and help them to settle and concentrate in class. I have also worked with a group of home schooled boys and their Mothers. I currently work with staff at Heronsbridge School, Bridgend, the staff really benefit from unwinding in their yoga session after a challenging day, leaving them in a very relaxed space to go home.

Yoga can be a life changing practice if you are willing to take the leap and let the journey unfold, Enjoy :o)

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