Meditation classes, 1 - 2 - 1 tuition and audio recordings - The Meditation sessions are inspired by direct experience and include non-dual pointers, pranayama, Tantrik practices, somatic practices, self inquiry, mantra and sound practices. The sessions are intuitively and organically designed for the state of yoga to be revealed. 

Why meditate -

For you to start to experience freedom from the belief in your conditioning and thought patterns.

Overtime old patterns of behaviour will start to very organically be seen and fall away.

In recognising the natural state of being a new resilience will emerge which helps you to meet the challenges of life as they arise so you will be less inclined to try to push away difficult situations and try to hang onto 'the good times'!  

To feel more alive and to experience life through fresh eyes.

For the joy of discovering the unfathomableness of the wholeness of the Self.