Sangha Sundays @ Ty'n Cellar, Margam or via Zoom, recordings of the morning are also available to purchase. 

The Sangha Sundays give us a longer time to enjoy a wider field of yoga in it's many aspects. The sessions will include Asana (postures), Pranayama (breathing practices), sound practices & mantra, cleansing practices, self-inquiry, meditation and relaxation. There will be a general theme to each session, with philosophical/non - dual inspiration woven into the sharing of the morning, along with allowing the organic flow of the day to be freshly revealed! Fine-tuned individual guidance will be given where appropriate throughout the session, allowing you to feel the connection of the shared practice space, our 'we space'.  Please see weekly timetable for current dates for 2021.

What Students have to say...

"It was my previous yoga teacher that recommended Michele’s classes to me – she knew I was looking to take my practice forward.  I had already benefited from some excellent teachers but, nursing the remnants of a back injury, I was looking for the right class to help me recover fully. 

On entering Michele’s class for the first time, I knew I had found it.  A little nervous because I didn’t know anyone, I was warmly welcomed by Michele and the group – and the yoga was fantastic, just what I had been looking for!  A blend of slow, meditative introspection and breath work combined with stronger, more challenging poses.  I’ve been a regular since then, and completed a Foundation course, workshops, and I’m now part of the meditation group.  Michele’s yoga continues to develop and so my practice does too, and I’m happy to say there is little trace of the back injury any more.

We all love Michele’s classes so much, they are full of wisdom, laughter and happiness – you shake off the day as you enter the room and waft home on a cloud of contentment.  Her teaching is sensitive, intuitive, inspiring and always from the heart, and I love the way she tailors her teaching to suit the needs of each group.  So, if you are thinking of trying yoga for the first time, I highly recommend Michele – you will be in the best hands, she is the best teacher I’ve ever had, my practice has really grown since attending yoga with Michele." - Christine Jones

"Michele is an extremely experienced yoga teacher, that I was fortunate to be introduced to at a beginners' session in 2015 after a serious illness; with her support, patience, guidance and consideration I have embraced yoga with open arms.  Her classes are accessible at all levels, all ages and extremely welcoming.  Michele creates a safe, calm, friendly environment (also a giggle on occasions) that caters for different stages and individual needs.  Michele provides demonstrations throughout and guidance on any personal adjustments that may be needed.

Even after recently completing a yoga teacher training course (encouraged and supported by Michele) I regularly attend the classes for further knowledge and guidance.  So if you are a beginner and would like to dip your toes into the pool of yoga, or more advanced, there is a class suitable for all, and I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND !" - Caroline Jones

"I joined Michele's class about 4 or 5 years ago on a recommendation.  Her classes are a wonderful mix of all the essential aspects of yoga practice - body, mind, breath and spirit.

I love attending class and my practice and understanding has expanded as a result of her care  and attention, so much so that I have now completed my teacher training.  Michele is a special teacher with a deep understanding of yoga, and you are safe in her capable hands.  I can't imagine life without my regular weekly class with Michele or her yoga retreats and Sunday sessions." - Marilyn Chamberlain